Tuesday, February 5, 2013

52 weeks, Week 3

52 Lists, Week 2

52 Lists: a cool list project for 2013

Since I haven't blogged in a couple of years and I like lists, I thought I would tackle 
this cool list project I came across this morning. 

Thanks to Moorea Seal for the inspiration to do this project.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

!! Halloween 2010 !!

!! Snow !!

Grangeville, population 3200, is too small to have its own TV station. Nearby Lewiston has one station, but Dish doesn't pick it up so the closest TV news station for us is Spokane, 3 northwest. Watching weather reports on the news is rather comical, since they don't even show our area on their map!

The first snowfall here was November 10, about 2 inches!

The next week we had a couple of snowfalls and ended up with over a foot of snow. The girls loved it! Everyone says this is not "normal", but I don't know if I believe it. Along with the snow came below zero temperatures for several days.

The snow is beautiful, but it makes getting where you want to go a bit challenging. Many people we know stayed here for Thanksgiving rather than traveling to Boise...the roads were just not safe enough. We did make it to Lewiston on Black Friday to pick up our car...but that's a whole other post!

Let it snow!

Stories from Idaho

We have lived here for six weeks now and I have yet to write one blog post. Facebook updates, yes. But I want to be able to tell all the stories. No more perfectionism, trying to start at the beginning. Just going to jump in and start telling stories.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Countdown to Idaho!

It's time to fire up the good old blog again! The Gasser family is about to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives. After living in Toledo, Ohio for most of our lives, we are moving to Grangeville, Idaho. Rob is already out there, having started his new job, and the girls and I are leaving October 19 to join him.

It has been a long 6-8 week process getting ready to move. Rob new he had to find a different job, since the church where he worked decided they no longer needed a full-time IT director. He had until January 2011 to find something, but after months of looking in the Midwest, nothing was developing. He took a chance, applied for a job in Idaho, and 2 months later interviewed, visited and accepted a job as IT director of Mountain View School District.

It's all a bit wild and surreal. I'm moving to a place I've never seen, into a house I've never seen! Well, at least not in person...

Living Room


Family Room


Big yard...check out that mountain in the background!!

The kids are getting more and more excited each day. Their new 2nd grade class even sent them an email already! Rob says the town is warm and friendly, and it sure seems that way based on the people I've spoken to on the phone for different things.

That's it for now. Working hard to get our house in Toledo all packed up and ready to sell!